Automating 3D Biology: Unlocking Next-Gen Drug Discovery


An end-to-end, AI-driven cell culture innovation solution

Three-dimensional (3D) cell models are more physiologically relevant than two-dimensional cell cultures as they more closely represent the tissue microenvironments, cell-to-cell interactions, and biological processes that occur in vivo. There are important challenges, however, in the growth, monitoring, and quality control of 3D cell models. Careful handling of these cells is required to avoid plate-to-plate and batch inconsistencies. These issues arise regardless of careful timing, and can quickly spiral out of control when cells are not fed and passaged when required.

An end-to-end organoid development solution is now available to automate the process from cell culture and treatment to incubation, imaging, and analysis. The new™ Automated Cell Culture System, is an innovation hub designed to improve workflows and make assays more reliable and reproducible -- with faster time to actionable results.

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