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Make Money + Save Money = Save the World

Recent years and global situations have resulted in a paradigm shift in our approaches to surplus. What worked in the past for your lab may no longer be feasible, including specific technology as well as your practices and workflow. How can you affordably and easily provide your lab with the latest technology and equipment? What kinds of questions do you need to ask your suppliers? How do you determine the lifespan of your existing equipment, and how do you responsibly dispose of equipment you no longer need? What are the financial and ethical benefits of participating in the circular economy?

In this webinar, REUZEit will discuss the importance of reuse and circularity. Using data and over a decade of shifting behavior patterns within the largest life science companies in the world, REUZEit will detail the significant impacts you can make at your organization by shifting to a circular approach with your surplus. Our speakers will share real-world results and best practices to help you optimize your lab, and will list small, easy changes and immediate action items that you can make with or without REUZEit's assistance.

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Ryan Andrews
Chief Innovation Officer/Co-founder
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Jonah Shell
Chief Sustainability Officer

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